Yoshihiko Ueda

Yes, another contemporary Japanese photographer.  It must be the aesthetics, delightfully different from noisy Western trends, that attracts me to Asian art.  I cannot say why, but a big deal of my favourite image-makers are from that part of the world.  So, Yoshihiko Ueda, with his transcendent blue-green forests, and all things beautiful, as they were.

The official website is a nuisance, but I suppose it’s not Ueda’s fault, but of some nerdy team behind this utterly disrespectful to any viewer navigation. That’s why I give you a direct link to M.Sea series, which I like most of Yoshihiko Ueda’s work.

To me that is Ueda in essense, as a photographer. Deep, rich, dark colours. Scenery that has no sense of particular place or time. Perfectly executed images, carefully selected, precision work, and extremely artistic. Looking through Ueda’s photographs I feel like I am in a very prestigious art gallery in front of a masterpiece, that has been long before me and will stay long after I am gone.  Very profound work.

But that counts for every topic, every subject Yoshihiko Ueda covered. If you are curious and patient enough to click through those anonymous boxes that is the Portfolio, you will be rewarded: Ueda’s portraits are amazing, both in colour and gray monochromes; his still life images are exquisite; his forests are mystical and blue; his docu series are full of light and positive feel to them. In short, have a look, and you will find out if you like this photography as much as I do.

“…when you shoot, shoot without any thought at all, but when you select, think through everything consciously. In other words, shoot before your thoughts catch up with you. Otherwise the miracle moments will vanish while you are thinking.” – Yoshihiko Ueda

The quote is from the interview I read on Close Up. Loved the questions and the answers, very good piece, and thought provoking.

Notes to myself:  shoot impulsively, select thoughtfully.