The fields are on fire

The birds, too, seem to be saying . . .

“Love when you can’

– Kobayashi Issa, transl. Roger Pulvers

One of the biggest inspiration for me, – poetry.

Again, like in photography, I have a handful of people, poems, lines that I keep coming back to. It never fails to deliver inspiring ideas, provoke thoughts that boost creativity, or simply set the mood.

Issa’s poems are always very visual, like the one above. If you are not familiar with his name, I am excited for you, for the discovery of one and only Kobayashi Issa, a Buddhist, a one-breath-poem master, an essayist, “a single bubble in steeping tea.” (Robert Hass).  I prefer his haiku over Basho’s, for their mix of humour and melancholy, very intelligent combination in my eyes.


Note to myself:  visual haiku is different to visual sijo – haiku captures the essence of subject straightforwardly, while sijo makes a fable, a musing on a subject. Interesting… visual haiku=poetic realism, visual sijo=poetic surrealism.