My name is Olga van Saane. This personal blog is about photography I admire, and about people who inspire me. Total strangers, like faraway stars, just being out there and shining so bright, they made a great influence on my life as a photographer and a person. I always wanted to share my own “red list” or whatever you call it, with the world, so maybe you too will discover ideas and art you haven’t seen before. Something important to you.

We all are looking for something.

I am going to post once a day, keeping it short to avoid too many grammar mistakes (not a native speaker, I am), but simply to give you an indication: who, where and what’s in it for me.

Maybe for you, too.

P.S. All images on this website are mine. I prefer to stay away from the complexity of Internet copyright laws, and never use images made by other people. 


Instead I provide links for you to follow – to the original portfolios or art galleries representing photographers I am writing about, and I have a complimentary pin board – Otis in Pictures