Flor Garduño

Flor Garduño – a contemporary Mexican photographer I have only discovered recently.  Which is hard to believe, that it took me so long…

Garduno’s photography is exactly the kind that usually attracts me most. It’s… different (from any trends, Instagrams, anything light-hearted, one-day-lived). It’s classy, solid, serious photography. Very confident, yet reflecting artist’s quest, never ending. Authentic (the authenticity of Latin American tradition of poetic mysticism – so you know at once where Flor comes from, and it’s so refreshing, this anticipation and recognition!) Surreal, artistic, black-and-white, expressive… what else I forgot? You have to look at her images yourself, because I always find difficulty to find the right words for something that doesn’t need words to know what it is. You just know, that’s all.

“It is my   own artistic quest, a search of the different persons that exist in my dreams” – Flor Garduño

I am sure Flor, like the rest of us, shoots trashy images too, but what I see online, in photoboks and art galleries, shows her genius in creating concepts, chosing subjects, composition, light, moment  – all so well it takes my breath away every time. To me Garduno is very interesting also – as I see it anyway –  because her work  is a beautiful compromise between reality and myth, where she combines calm minimalism and elegance I love about Asian photography with powerful poetic realism of Latin American tradition.

Flor’s work is softer and more feminine than Iturbide’s, if I had to … compare… these two of my idols. I wonder what you’d thought.

Notes to myself : black and white, black and white – there is everything that can be, to be all.