Petr Balíček

Once discovered via an amazing source for Czech art – Prague Auctions – Petr Balíček became one of those photographers I keep coming back to. For inspiration and admiration, that is. I am a big fan of photographic “games” with mirrors, broken glass, peculiar props, humble objects, I am a fan of turning ordinary into extraordinary.  So I keep coming back. Back in time, back to a different visual tradition, different aesthetics. Again, it’s Balíček authenticity that is most fascinating. I like the concepts, the grain, the graphics, the overall artistry of Petr’s images. Not surprisingly, he completely turned to painting since 1990s, and I do like his digital art.

However, it’s Balíček photography that represents so well the tradition of Czech image-makers to be different from the rest of the world. Experimental, creative, intelligent, tasteful, engaging. These are my words to describe Petr Balíček photography. My favourite series of his are Czech CalligraphyMiserere (heart-breaking, extremely powerful), Staged Portraits (the angles, the perspective!), Water Surfaces.

I am a big admirer of Balíček’s style, and approach to subjects, his choice of themes, his methods, his titles, his concepts. There is a thought behind every project, and this kind of photography is my favourite. Thought-full, and art-full.

There is very little about him on the Internet, but if you visit his portfolio –  Petr Balíček , or check online art galleries, you will see for yourself, and without a curator’s voice in your head you will make up your own opinion.